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Spell check of bladder

Correct spelling: bladder

closet, holder, purse, stomach, bag, pocket, case, reservoir, jar, shelf, box, abdominal, crate, cask, pouch, appendix, flask, tank, cuspidor, barrel, chest, wallet, canister, bottle, bile, bin, tray, bowl, sack, cabinet, repository, locker, cupboard, jug, container, trunk, cup, vault, can, ladle, vesica, suitcase, receptacle, bile duct, alimentary canal, vat, storage, decanter, casket, drum, drawer, belly, bucket, coffer, begging bowl, cylinder, brazier, basket.

Examples of usage:

1) The walls are lined with bladder seaweed, the seaweed that goes " pop" to the delight of children. - "Cornwall", G. E. Mitton.

2) They looked in the direction it came: from, and saw a big bull camel, blowing its bladder out of its mouth and lashing with its tail. - "In the Musgrave Ranges", Jim Bushman.

3) Its neck was broad and flat, and looked very strong, while its head, with the bloodshot eyes and the horrid red bladder hanging from the mouth, was not nice to see. - "In the Musgrave Ranges", Jim Bushman.