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Spell check of blacken

Correct spelling: blacken

muck, haze, melanise, defame, melanize, stigmatize, shadow, stain, obscure, befoul, darken, slander, blur, smutch, dim, besmear, blear, nigrify, detract, begrime, besoil, shame, overshadow, overcloud, befog, fade, vilify, black, lighten, close in, dirty, char, cloud, smear, mire, singe, fuzz, coal, daub, discredit, bespatter, calumniate, becloud, dishonor, bleed, gray, soil, scorch, tarnish, deepen, denigrate, clean, bleach, change, fog, black out, pillory, foul, asperse, libel, sully, sear, defile, shade, overcast, bemire, distain, scandalize, brighten, taint, traduce, bedim, badmouth, gaum, spatter, smudge, attack, muddy, dislimn, grime, shroud, dusk, mellow, parch, denounce, eclipse, mist, smirch, smut, malign, besmirch.

brighten, whiten, tidy, esteem, shine, radiate, dry-clean, mop, spruce, scour, scrub, glorify, dust, straighten, white, unveil, illumine, rinse, freshen, acclaim, revere, lighten, glow, applaud, honor, renew, regard, admire, cleanse, beam, brush, launder, clean, deodorize, wash, dawn, expose, worship, purify, praise, disinfect, commend, illuminate, reveal, wipe, respect, sweep, purge, venerate, light, decontaminate, sanitize, adore, exalt, uncover.

Examples of usage:

1) This again was used by my enemies to blacken my character. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) He has attempted to blacken me in the eyes of my family; but, with the conscience of a brute, he has deserted two of his own children- left them to starve and freeze in the cheerless north. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) They surround your fields on every tree, And they blacken the sky as far as we see. - "Letters of Major Jack Downing, of the Downingville Militia", Seba Smith.