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Spell check of behest

Correct spelling: behest

command, word, commandment, dictate, precept, instruction, order, decree, mandate, edict, bidding, do, directive, words, charge, over, injunction, imperative, direction.

petition, recommendation, plea, entreaty, urging, suggestion, appeal, proposal.

Examples of usage:

1) There was no sacrifice great or small that he would not willingly have offered at Monck's behest. - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.

2) He watched Monck furtively from behind Stella's chair, obeying his every behest with a promptitude that expressed the most complete submission. - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.

3) Then he found himself in a chair drinking a stiff mixture of brandy and water, again at Bernard's behest, while Bernard stood over him, watching with the utmost kindness in his blue eyes. - "The Lamp in the Desert", Ethel M. Dell.