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Spell check of beguile

Correct spelling: beguile

hitch, mesmerise, intrigue, rip off, grip, seize, transfix, lead by the nose, take hold of, delight, trance, fool, seduce, overhear, deceive, recreate, stimulate, influence, view, occupy, relax, catch up with, amuse, enchant, becharm, delude, entertain, cozen, double-cross, lead on, misguide, lighten, jinx, enamor, refresh, hoax, pick up, juggle, enamour, ravish, conquer, witch, gammon, arrest, transport, honest, spoof, have, watch, appropriate, suck in, please, take in, enliven, betray, hornswoggle, swindle, entice, bewitch, cheat, bluff, four-flush, entrance, entrap, tempt, snooker, enthral, enrapture, misinform, charm, get, captivate, gaff, capture, disport, hex, interest, like, see, fascinate, snow, trip up, con, cheer, mesmerize, allure, enthrall, mislead, magnetise, grab, bilk, burn, trick, have on, distract, magnetize, divert, bait, play false, hoodwink, gull, bamboozle, humbug, fake out, overtake, solicit, gratify, dupe, decoy, buffalo, catch, wile, spellbind, glamour, string along.

alert, unmask, annoy, irk, uncover, turn away, weary, disgust, busy, ward, tell, disturb, expose, offend, displease, uncloak, distract, reveal, undeceive, repulse, revolt, forewarn, debunk, disenchant, disquiet, disillusion, repel, bore, unveil, disabuse, tire, warn, disclose, show up, drive, caution, divulge.

Examples of usage:

1) The good woman watched over her with patient, yearning solicitude; and in seeking to beguile her sorrows, would half forget her own. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.

2) He was now visited in his dungeon by crafty familiars of the inquisition, who, under pretence of sympathy and kindness, came to beguile the tediousness of his imprisonment with friendly conversation. - "Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists", Washington Irving.

3) The alder stick that the beaver cut yesterday, or the little mud pie that his paws have patted smooth; the knot that the young coons have used as a plaything in their den to beguile the hours when their mother was away; the tree against which two or three bears have measured and scratched their height; the log where the grouse drums; the discarded horn of a moose; the track of an unknown beast; the old den of a lucivee,- in all these things, and a thousand more, there is I know not what fascination that draws me a mile out of my course just to stand for a moment where wild little feet have surely passed and to read the silent records they have left behind them. - "A Little Brother to the Bear and other Animal Stories", William Long.