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Spell check of bedim

Correct spelling: bedim

confuse, becloud, obliterate, mist, fog, overcloud, overshadow, dim, darken, obnubilate, blot out, cloud up, haze over, dislimn, hide, obfuscate, shroud, cloud, blacken, blur, veil, dull, shadow, befog, fuzz, eclipse, cloud over, clear, obscure, gloom, overcast, haze, benight, blear.

illuminate, lighten, expose, light, unveil, illumine, reveal, uncover, brighten.

Examples of usage:

1) While hot tears bedim the vision Of dear friends who mourn his death, May they manifest decision By the wondrous power of Faith, In belief that those who sleep Safe in Jesus shall not weep. - "The Emigrant Mechanic and Other Tales In Verse Together With Numerous Songs Upon Canadian Subjects", Thomas Cowherd.

2) I like to put it down that Miss Maggie Mitchell's having for years, as I gathered, twanged that one string and none other; every night of her theatric life, over the huge country, before she was revealed to us- just as Mr. Joe Jefferson, with no word of audible reprehension ever once addressed to him, was to have twanged his- did nothing to bedim the brightness of our vision or the apparent freshness of her art, and that above all it seemed a privilege critically to disengage the delicacy of this art and the rare effect of the natural in it from the baseness in which it was framed: so golden a glimmer is shed, as one looks back, from any shaky little torch lighted, by whatever fond stretch, at the high esthetic flame. - "Notes of a Son and Brother", Henry James.

3) A rush of blood suffices at times to bedim a conscience. - "Fruitfulness Fecondite", Emile Zola.