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Spell check of bedbug

Correct spelling: bedbug

cricket, bookworm, botfly, midge, dragonfly, gadfly, cicada, grasshopper, tiger moth, centipede, horntail, scorpion, ant, daddy longlegs, aphid, silverfish, scarab, tarantula, mantis, wasp, nit, housefly, blowfly, moth, bed bug, gnat, praying mantis, millipede, black widow, mosquito, bug, beetle, locust, conenose, spider, bluebottle, yellow jacket, June bug, bloodsucker, cockroach, fly, louse, flea, butterfly, horsefly, tsetse fly, chinch, firefly, katydid, boll weevil, may fly, tick, earwig, bee, dung beetle, Cimex lectularius, fruit fly, chigger, kissing bug, ladybug, mite, deer fly, stinkbug, termite.

Examples of usage:

1) Two years ago I had occasion to visit 21- Armour Avenue, a " 50- cent house" in the infamous " bedbug row district." - "Chicago's Black Traffic in White Girls", Jean Turner-Zimmermann.

2) " Back in 1929, Stephen thought I was crazy as a bedbug to sell all my securities and take a paper loss, around the first of September. - "Dearest", Henry Beam Piper.

3) But crazy as a bedbug. - "The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story", Various.