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Spell check of bay window

Correct spelling: bay window

hatful, mountain, heap, kitty, tidy sum, gage, great deal, back door, green goddess, stool, tum, good deal, bow window, breadbasket, plenty, sens, raft, flowerpot, skunk, potbelly, belly, mass, paunch, jackpot, spate, sight, grass, deal, stomach, mess, potty, can, stack, beer belly, lot, muckle, slew, fog, double glazing, fire door, gut, commode, crapper, locoweed, picture window, quite a little, throne, casement, potbelly stove, exit, oriel, batch, smoke, weed, corp, potentiometer, passel, mint, mickle, pile, door, tummy, sess, peck, potful, dormer, window, corporation, alcove, flock, fanlight, wad.