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Spell check of bamboozle

Correct spelling: bamboozle

gaff, con, betray, flummox, bewilder, fuddle, entrap, rip off, hornswoggle, have on, gull, misguide, catch, lead by the nose, perplex, confound, buffalo, get, fake out, dupe, lead astray, play false, muddle, beat, bemuse, befog, mystify, honest, take in, confuse, disorient, discombobulate, baffle, befuddle, juggle, hoodwink, trick, mislead, burn, snow, pull the wool over someone's eyes, cozen, delude, fox, deceive, humbug, four-flush, bluff, beguile, swindle, pose, string along, muddy, fool, spoof, misinform, addle, gravel, bilk, maze, cheat, puzzle, suck in, gammon, double-cross, vex, hoax, have, snooker.

disillusion, undeceive, disclose, debunk, disenchant, unmask, disabuse, divulge, show up, satisfy, enlighten, uncloak, assure, tell, unveil, uncover, inform, reassure, expose, reveal.

Examples of usage:

1) Surely, with all that we know by this time of the character of that Bony, we can see that this peace is a mere trick of his to bamboozle us while he gets ready. - "Springhaven A Tale of the Great War", R. D. Blackmore.

2) It has rather cynically been said that governments are of two kinds- bamboo and bamboozle. - "Six Letters From the Colonies", Robert Seaton.

3) However convenient it might be to bamboozle Omichund with a sham treaty, Admiral Watson declined to be a party to the trick by signing his name to the fraudulent document. - "A History of the Four Georges, Volume II (of 4)", Justin McCarthy.