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Spell check of balk

Correct spelling: balk

delay, hinderance, hold out, bank check, hinder, ball girl, baffle, embarrassment, wait, pause, encumbrance, assay, manacle, bat, dissent, inhibition, bridle, shrink, encumber, ground out, obstruction, fend, block, counteract, disinclination, drop, jib, tick, reject, obstacle, hitch, prevent, impediment, chip, curb, interrupt, trammel, preventative, double, resist, cross, thwart, baseball, defy, at bat, bar, let, stymie, hindrance, cease, tab, confirmation, stay, oppose, check mark, deterrent, frustrate, break off, hit, hamper, chain, incumbrance, change course, demur, check-out procedure, ball, give up, foul, withstand, stop, impedimenta, ball boy, interference, rafter, quit, discontinue, stand firm, drag, refuse, defeat, obstructor, cheque, disability, verification, gybe, handicap, fly, check, hesitate, catch, jibe, chit, impede, deign, bunt, raftman, checkout, baseline, abandon, obstruct, allow, ballpark, hurdle, base, shackles, stoppage, protest, obstructer, holdback, stumbling block, checkmate, repel, grudge, falter, recoil, scorn, impairment, arrest, fetter, foil, stand, baulk, shy away, disablement, raftsman, stump, substantiation, cramp, crimp, halt, batboy, embarrass, preventive, clog.

spur, stimulant, benefit, aid, goad, help, advantage, incentive, break, impetus, edge, handmaiden, catalyst, boost, stimulus, assistance.

Examples of usage:

1) The class play in which Eleanor plotted to oust Anne Pierson, the star, from the production and obtain the leading part for herself, the discovery of the plot at the eleventh hour by Grace, enabling her to balk Eleanor's scheme, were among the incidents that aroused anew the admiration of the reader for capable, wide- awake Grace Harlowe. - "Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways", Jessie Graham Flower.

2) You might have a very tidy hand and a nice seat, and not be able to ride the mare; but then, sir, you see, if you have the judgment to manage her coolly, and not rouse her temper too far, if you can bring her to a fence, and make her take off at a proper distance, and fly it, never changing her stride nor balk, why then he'll see you can ride. - "That Boy Of Norcott's", Charles James Lever.

3) While common sense may balk at the tale of Helen of Troy, common sense would as readily balk at a narrative of the high cost of living or of the All- Europe War. - "Superwomen", Albert Payson Terhune.