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Spell check of bailiwick

Correct spelling: bailiwick

line of business, plain, field of operation, specialty, Shire, tract, subject field, neighborhood, discipline, domain, province, room, sphere, field of battle, airfield, survey, issue, nation, line, national, plot, district, ring, orbit, battlefield, lot, department, canton, field of operations, game, sector, empire, riding, gallery, town, athletic field, campus, cogitation, field, business, area, study, gymnasium, arena, field of study, country, playing area, work, circus, field of force, beat, enclosure, correction, playing field, setting, barony, circuit, report, city, case, circle, matter, force field, place, champaign, amphitheater, written report, flying field, world, fief, field of view, stage, territory, content, county, fiefdom, walk, theatre, subject, borough, ground, element, dominion, division, guinea pig, bag, colony, hall, kingdom, landing field, duchy, battleground, realm, theatre of operations, locality, scene, branch of knowledge, parcel, locale, front, theme, Colosseum, zone, subject area, theater of operations, state, dukedom, precinct, terrain, pen, courtyard, field of honor, commonweal, topic, hippodrome, auditorium, firmament, depicted object, municipality, quarter, turf, theater, sketch, region, demesne.

Examples of usage:

1) The instances where some ambitious matron has sought to assume the control of the little military bailiwick known as " the garrison" are numerous indeed, but the fingers of one hand are too many to keep tally of the cases of prolonged and peaceful reign. - "Marion's Faith.", Charles King.

2) But I must call the lightning to mine aid, And order him who now bemoans his fate, To scan the bailiwick for pots and pans, That Francos no discomfort may incur. - "'A Comedy of Errors' in Seven Acts", Spokeshave (AKA Old Fogy).