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Spell check of backfiring

Correct spelling: backfiring

answering, bouncing, arguing, retorting, warding, sustaining, ricocheting, defending, barricading, rebuffing, shielding, protecting, resisting, returning, guarding, upholding, policing, screening, boomeranging, saving, securing, responding, buffering, covering, opposing, fending, safeguarding, averting, rebounding, counterattacking, supporting, recoiling, countering, sheltering, replying, barring, rebutting.

Examples of usage:

1) Here was a diabolical backfiring of schemes, all around. - "The Planet Strappers", Raymond Zinke Gallun.

2) He was dropping off to sleep when he heard what he thought was a car backfiring outside. - "Jerry's Charge Account", Hazel Hutchins Wilson.

3) Burt didn't like the audience, and I guess he figured his plans were backfiring when Doc didn't bluff. - "Trees Are Where You Find Them", Arthur Dekker Savage.