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Spell check of apotheosis

Correct spelling: apotheosis

apocalypse, idol, elevation, discovery, deification, disclosure, ideal, holy man, nonesuch, prototype, nonpareil, perfection, byword, raptus, holy person, climax, stereotype, revelation, prophecy, materialization, exemplar, exaltation, acme, issuance, epitome, peak, crossroads, watershed, nonsuch, milestone, transport, inspiration, apparition, rapture, breaking point, coming, ennoblement, oracle, appearance, instance, angel, glorification, example, rise, model, highlight, aggrandizement, manifestation, saint, template, epiphany, revealment, evidence, paragon, turning point, ecstasy, classic, gospel, vision, case, beau ideal, archetype, emergence.

Examples of usage:

1) Without the spinster's untiring surveillance she must have fallen innumerable times from the straight road, which was to lead to her apotheosis as noblewoman and Lady Bountiful. - "The Song of Songs", Hermann Sudermann.

2) Superlative confidence in himself, reflected in his pride of family and nationality, the apotheosis of which was the Kaiser, enabled him to devote all his energies to the business in hand, never doubting that his interpretation of native psychology would ensure the extinction of his adversary. - "Witch-Doctors", Charles Beadle.

3) Gods were in those times being created by the score; apotheosis was in the air from the days of Nero to the days of the Severi. - "Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius", Samuel Dill.