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Spell check of align

Correct spelling: align

arrange, organise, thread, league, order, aline, sort, link, string, ordain, marshal, layer, set out, operate, correct, codify, queue up, consecrate, set, line-up, get hold, support, chain, find, prioritize, join, straighten, regulate, follow, rank, heap, coordinate, dress, sympathize, back, connect, pile, conform, endorse, collate, reorganize, lay out, adjust, systematize, promote, manage, come up, line, ally, range, confederate, politics, array, speak up for, sequence, adapt, organize, structure, restructure, progress, concatenate, federate, get behind, agree with, ordinate, succeed, queue.


Examples of usage:

1) And the ways are ironic; is it not conceivable that the two should align in devious fruition? - "The Beginning", Henry Hasse.

2) But if you align the edges exactly, at once, they may join almost immediately healing by First Intent. - "A Matter of Proportion", Anne Walker.

3) Lockley found it difficult to align the carrier beam to Vale's exact location. - "Operation Terror", William Fitzgerald Jenkins.