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Spell check of agora

Correct spelling: agora

cabbagetown, square, public square, armpit, forum, brownfield, burbs, area, cantonment, barrio, borough, block.

Examples of usage:

1) Demagogues, and the crowds they sway, are just as impatient and impulsive now, as when the mob of the Agora cheered the bellowing of Cleon; neither is their wrath less clamorous because it has ceased to lap blood. - "Border and Bastille", George A. Lawrence.

2) Others there are who crowd The holy agora and the temples twain Of Pallas, and Ismenus' hallowed fires, A suppliant host. - "The Seven Plays in English Verse", Sophocles.

3) Towards sundown, that modern Agora rang with the voices of orators, swarmed with listeners, with disputants, with mockers, with indifferent loungers. - "The Nether World", George Gissing.