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Spell check of affaire

Correct spelling: affaire

inter-group communication, intimacy, familiarity, contact, function, involvement, engagement, interest, social occasion, social function, involution, affair, closeness, thing, liaison, amour, matter, occasion, link, participation.

Examples of usage:

1) His wife knew nothing of his affaire du coeur with Miss Nancy, and for his own peace of mind 't was desirable that she should not. - "'Lena Rivers", Mary J. Holmes.

2) The admiral considered the fight of July 22nd la malheureuse affaire; his ships were encumbered with sick; they worked badly; on August 15th a north- east gale carried away the top- mast of a Spanish ship; and having heard from a Danish merchantman the news- false news, as it afterwards appeared- that Cornwallis with twenty- five ships was to the north, he turned and scudded before the wind. - "The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)", John Holland Rose.

3) Get in, dear, this is ours," she said, walking up to the limousine which Sally had described with such enthusiasm, and which now stood waiting for her, its door held open by a French chauffeur, who was smiling with true Gallic appreciation of his mistress's " affaire de coeur," " and here," she added, after they were comfortably seated inside, taking a gardenia from the flower- holder, " is a posy I've got for you." - "The Old Gray Homestead", Frances Parkinson Keyes.