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Spell check of adjudicate

Correct spelling: adjudicate

guess, referee, parley, law, purpose, descend, pass judgment, assess, patch up, settle down, consider, go down, decide, prove, answer, locate, subside, facilitate, square up, fall, find, solve, judge, assay, gauge, come down, finalize, label, dissolve, umpire, mediate, make up one's mind, evaluate, test, appraise, sample, finalise, approximate, taste, examine, reconcile, ensconce, adjudge, seek, hear, try, pronounce, arrive at, resolve, arbitrate, essay, go under, rule, estimate, compromise, settle, sink, strain, jurisprudent, intervene, try out, take root, intercede, attempt, make up, determine, negotiate, assist, steady down, try on, stress, conclude, square off, break up, render, root, sentence, jurisdictional, get back, decree, conciliate, nail down, judicial.

equivocate, skirt, hedge, pussyfoot.

Examples of usage:

1) Similar provisions by statutory The high court can adjudicate enactments of Dominion in cases arising out of the parliament. - "Canada under British Rule 1760-1900", John G. Bourinot.

2) For, just as pure agnosticism must allow that reason is incompetent to adjudicate a priori for or against Christian miracles, including the Incarnation, so it must further allow that, if they ever took place, reason can have nothing to say against their being all of one piece with causation in general. - "Thoughts on Religion", George John Romanes.

3) It therefore devolves on us very briefly to adjudicate upon the contending opinions. - "A Candid Examination of Theism", George John Romanes.