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Spell check of accost

Correct spelling: accost

turn to, crochet, greeting, entreat, corner, vociferate, filch, woo, direct, seek, talk at, waylay, abstract, overcharge, proposition, addict, snarf, kowtow, face, swipe, tap, supplicate, snare, plume, romance, buttonhole, sneak, pinch, signal, pilfer, encounter, cover, notice, pluck, beseech, salaam, thieve, hug, knock off, call, come up to, hail, collar, petition, entice, receive, curtsy, beg, plead, invite, handle, cabbage, wave, approach, front, cop, purloin, deal, gazump, smile, hook, nod, embrace, surcharge, plow, request, glom, snitch, confront, speak, salute, court, meet, treat, address, welcome, acknowledge, implore, fleece, appeal, greet, soak, lift, nobble, shake hands with, rob, solicit, apply, bow, kiss.

Examples of usage:

1) You did not accost them? - "A Maker of History", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

2) Yet because, if a man lie down, the best of girls will set her pretty foot on his neck, and also from my love of a thing that is new, I was thoroughly resolved to accost the gardener's guest; and my purpose was not altered by Barbara's scornful toss of her little head as she turned away. - "Simon Dale", Anthony Hope.

3) But Wagg did not accost the prisoner. - "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.