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Spell check of accepting

Correct spelling: accepting

swallowing, surrendering, asserting, acquiescing, deeming, rejecting, blessing, confirming, believing, avouching, letting, obeying, admitting, caving, sanctioning, underwriting, yielding, ingesting, acknowledging, contracting, withdrawing, retiring, getting, taking, bowing, gobbling, professing, conforming, putting faith in, stating, judging, gathering, sustaining, kowtowing, terminating, contending, assuring, receiving, trusting, averring, genuflecting, abandoning, succumbing, claiming, supporting, respecting, accessing, warranting, authenticating, supposing, inhaling, capitulating, fulfilling, abdicating, affirming, welcoming, serving, concurring, taking for granted, relinquishing, ratifying, approving, setting down, allowing, observing, acceding, inspiring, disclaiming, endorsing, knuckling under, declaring, permitting, ceding, surmising, concluding, expressing, complying, empathizing, acceptive, attesting, promising, renouncing, testifying, adhering, holding, giving faith, pledging, gulping, understanding, submitting, certifying, vacating, condoning, engorging, stipulating, discontinuing, assenting, eating, adjuring, maintaining, assimilating, pocketing, crediting, cooperating, bending, agreeing, propounding, consenting, authorizing, resigning, validating, absorbing, assuming, pronouncing, devouring, acquiring, verifying, approbating, ceasing, corroborating, deferring, presuming, proclaiming.


Examples of usage:

1) For, in the first place, its specific doctrine is one which it is really difficult to get the most ordinary common sense puzzled into accepting. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) I insulted him into accepting the commission. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) This indicated that he was in the habit of accepting without question anything that the latter did. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.