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Spell check of 024

Correct spelling: 024

Examples of usage:

1) To help ensure that the partition containing the boot information is within the first 1, 024 cylinders, create a primary partition first. - "Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage", John Goerzen and Ossama Othman.

2) They have a reservation of 1, 024, 000 acres, located in the central part of the State, set apart for them by the treaty of June 25, 1855. Though there is but little really good land in this reservation, many of the Indians, by reason of their industry, have succeeded measurably in their farming operations, and may be considered as self- sustaining. - "The Indian Question (1874)", Francis A. Walker.

3) But if he divides first on the basis of subject matter, then each subject matter into language, each language book into sizes, each size into material of binding, he can immediately place his hand on a class wherein the book will be if he has it; but this classification, based on four different characteristics and four varieties of each, has necessitated the formation of 256 classes or divisions, and if five characteristics were provided for, 1, 024 divisions would be required. - "The Classification of Patents", United States Patent Office.